Today we have our first official look at the core characters of the Frank Darabont-conceived, live-action adaptation of Robert Kirkman's sprawling zombie comic series, The Walking Dead. Personally I like the look of all the characters, but I must say that I hate what I'm seeing on a marketing side. Apparently an explosion of Earth's undead population also comes with an explosion of Photoshop cutting-and cropping. They couldn't shop together a picture of everyone staring in the same direction? Why is Rick pointing his gun half-heartedly, like he's in a conversation with a zombie, telling them they have til noon to high tail it out of town?

I still think the show is going to be great, of course, I just wish the first released shot of the whole gang together would have actually been of...the whole gang together; not clusters of people from different production stills all cropped together with a vague wall of zombies thrown into the background for good measure.
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