If you needed more proof that two awesome things together increases their inherent cool factor almost exponentially, then look no further than this new poster for the upcoming An Evening with Fred Dekker: Monster Squadand Night of the Creeps. This could be the best merging of things since chocolate met peanut butter...

The poster is one of two that were unveiled for t-shirt maker Fright Rags' weekend long celebration of Dekker and genre legend Tom Atkins. Friday, July 16th, will find those lucky enough to be near Rochester, New York able to check out An Evening with Tom Atkins -- which will feature not only screenings of The Fogand Halloween III: Season of the Witch, but will also have Atkins in attendance. The next night brings Dekker to center stage for screenings of Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps. Atkins will be on hand along with Dekker to discuss the much loved Creeps.

The event is taking place at the The Dryden Theatre at the George Eastman House. The awesome poster above, as well as another cool one for the first evening's festivities, will be on sale at the show.

I can hear the collective groan of everyone not near Rochester. Fear not, because whatever doesn't sell over the weekend will be offered for sale online on July 18th. That's right, stalk Fright Rags' website for your chance to score one (or both) of these awesome posters. They're selling for $34.95 each, but they're individually numbered and signed (the NotC one by Dekker, the Fog one by Atkins), measure 24x36, and will look awesome on your wall.
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