The first full-length trailer for The Social Network has arrived online courtesy of Yahoo, and the thing is just brilliant in every conceivable way -- from the heartbreaking cover of Radiohead's "Creep" to the stone-faced Jesse Eisenberg portraying one of this generation's most unique and bizarre characters, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. This is the first trailer to reveal actual footage from the film to go along with the lines of dialogue we heard in previous trailers, and from the perspective of someone who has read the book this is based on (The Accidental Billionaires, by Ben Mezrich), I can say that it definitely looks as if they're staying very faithful to it. Is it too early to talk Oscars?

Eisenberg plays Zuckerberg, who, at one point, was just some lonely geek who lacked serious social skills, but then ironically made up for it by creating one of the world's largest social networks in his dorm room. Things began to spiral out of control almost immediately for Zuckerberg, with folks accusing him of stealing their idea while other, more influential people tried to use him to make millions (and ultimately billions) of dollars. Andrew Garfield (the new Spider-Man!) co-stars alongside Eisenberg, with Justin Timberlake and Rashida Jones also making appearances. Timberlake is playing the extremely lively (and ballsy) Sean Parker (founder of Napster), and I have a good feeling he's bound to steal a scene or two since Parker is portrayed as an out-of-control nut in the book.

David Fincher is the director here, and maybe he's the one we should commend for these fantastic trailers. Either way, they're doing their job -- how can you not look forward to this film? It hits theaters on October 1st. Watch the trailer after the jump.