My BFFs at Shout! Factory have been a welcome blast from the past in my life lately. Their rerelease of several oldie but goodie titles under the new Roger Corman Cult Classic's Collection has brought back everything from Deathrace 2000 to Piranha -- and now we can look forward to a new two-disc set, The Slumber Party Massacre Collection.

The DVD set contains all three films in the Slumber Party Massacre franchise -- which centers around an escaped mental patient stalking teen girls, and whose preferred weapon of choice is a power drill. Special features for the set include a new anamorphic widescreen transfer of the 1982 original film, a three-part documentary, spectacular photo and poster galleries, trailers, and a collectible booklet.

If you order from the Shout! Store!, the gang will give you a limited edition Slumber Party Massacre pillowcase as a thank you with your purchase. Because nothing says counting sheep like a bloody pillowcase. Make sure you pick up a copy of this awesome set to get reacquainted with your friendly neighborhood driller killer.

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