It's got all the ingredients of a surefire box office smash: mind-blowing special effects, a sprawling, epic storyline and a legion of devoted fans who have been waiting decades for a big screen, big budget adaptation. Yes, Toho Studio's new live action 'Space Battleship Yamato' feature seems destined to be the perfect blockbuster, except for one small problem -- most moviegoers in America don't even know it exists.

'Space Battleship Yamato,' of course, was the groundbreaking Japanese cartoon that became a sensation when it hit American television under the title 'Star Blazers' back in 1979. Detailing a ragtag group of astronauts's desperate mission to retrieve advanced technology from a distant planet in order to prevent Earth's imminent destruction by aliens, 'Star Blazers' is beloved by a whole generation who, as kids, found in the show's mature themes and engaging storyline not just an antidote to the more simplistic American cartoons of the time period, but also a perfect follow-up to 'Star Wars.'
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