On Wenesday, Sept. 1, director Anton Corbjin's new suspense thriller 'The American' -- starring George Clooney -- will hit theaters. Clooney stars as Jack, a world-class assassin, who is trying to get out of the killing game forever.

After a mysterious Belgian woman calls him to Italy for his next assignment, he vows that it will be his last mission, ever. While in the Italian countryside, Jack soon falls in love with a local woman, who could provide him with the chance to leave his dangerous lifestyle behind. But in choosing to be with her, Jack must step out of the shadows and expose himself to a new level of danger.

Fans can't wait to see Clooney's return to the big screen, and to help whet your appetite, Moviefone has 11 EXCLUSIVE photos from 'The American.' This is your first chance to see Clooney in action, as well as his beautiful co-stars Thekla Reuten, Violante Placido, and Irina Bjorklund.
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