Gimmick films are always...interesting. Recently there was talk of a film called La Casa Muda (The Silent House), a 74-minute Uruguayan film shot in one continuous take. I don't really recall what happened to it (I think it screened at Cannes), but it's something I've been wanting to check out for awhile, based solely on its gimmick. I admire anyone who can attempt such a feat, and think they at least deserve a cursory glance. The same can now be said for The Deadlines, a film that just may break a world record.

Filmmakers Jason Sanders and Blake Hooks are attempting to shoot a 90-minute film in under 24 hours. If they complete it, they'll become record holders, though this doesn't necessarily mean the movie will be any good. The film stars Rickey Bird, Tattie Grace, Paul Wolverton and James MacPherson. The plot is as follows:

"Travis Levon (Rickey Bird) is forced to finish a novel from famous author, Simon Woodburn (Paul Wolverton) after he suddenly dies, in order to meet a deadline.

Gavin Stone (James MacPherson), his callous boss, reminds Travis of the importance of this finale to an epic saga of books. "The Deadlines" will be the highest grossing book in history with pre-sales, and Mr. Stone won't let a petty thing like death stop it from hitting shelves. Once Travis steps into the writer's seat in Woodburn's home, there is no turning back. As he types away at the computer, the twists and turns in the novel write themselves and come to life.

Without warning, Travis and his girlfriend Kelly Hughes (Tattie Grace) are stuck in a world they have no escape from. Writing a way to survive will be harder than he thought.

You might make it out of the house, but not out of the story."

Praise be to Shock for the heads up.
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