predatorsPredators, directed by Nimród Antal, 2010

Is Predators a horror movie? I think so. Earlier this week, I called Nimród Antal's new flick one of most entertaining popcorn movies of the summer in a post for our sister site SciFi Squad. Now I want to mention the movie's darker elements, namely the scenes that made my wife cover her eyes and ask me "Is it over?" during a recent screening.

Don't worry folks, I'm not gonna spoil the movie for ya. But I will say that Predators offers just as many horror elements and scenes of blood spillage – human and Day-Glo green alien blood –as the original Ahnold movie and more. The update, produced by Robert Rodriguez, features a creepy surprise that, for some audience members, will up the film's scares and suspense when it's revealed. Of course, some franchise fans are bound to hate the new feature, but I think it adds an interesting twist to the Predator mythos without complicating things too much. Whattaya waiting for? Go watch it already.
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