As 2010 rolled around every film critic, blog, magazine and movie lover compiled their lists of the best films of the previous decade. Who is to say we can't do that every year though? New films come in. Others drop off as they fail to make the stipulations of the 10-year cut. Probably because that would be as "quite lame" as Newman's Millennium party with Christopher Cross. Exceptions can be made though, especially when we choose to examine a director's particular output during that period. Christopher Nolan officially broke through to our attention with his 2001 Sundance sensation, Memento. And with the release of his eagerly-anticipated masterpiece Inception, a film being called a "masterpiece" by many and possibly making Nolan a frontrunner for this year's Best Picture & Director Oscars, we must ask if anyone has owned this last decade of cinema as much as him.
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