As we settle into our look at cinema goings on in the United Kingdom, it's becoming ever more fascinating to highlight the tireless work of independent screens all over the country, which continue to programme exciting films against the grain of conventional wisdom and ensure there's a place to go if blockbusting scale isn't your bag. So while Inception and Toy Story 3 top our list this week for their pure populist value, our other three entries are decidedly smaller in scale...

5. Rewatch Labyrinth

The Prince Charles Cinema in London's Leicester Square is one of my favourite in the capital for so many reasons, but foremost amongst them is the strength of its programming choices. With films like Labyrinth, The Warriors and Starship Troopers on the agenda this week, it earns a place on our list for pure geek cred. Labyrinth is the film I'm most keen to see on the big screen, and I'm already making plans to spend my Saturday afternoon with Jareth, Hoggle and the gang. Find out more here.
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