It was not my intention to post on Bastille Day a column on films that will make you want to start a revolution. It did not even occur to me that by watching Chris Smith's Collapse, which has just arrived on DVD, that I might be inspired to then finally check out both Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Storyand Philippe Diaz' The End of Poverty?, each of which I figured alone would make me angry about the state of the world and so had been avoiding for the betterment of my mental health.

In actuality, though, I have no greater desire to round up a rebel communist army now than ever, and in fact I am instead more aware that it would do no good. Thanks to Collapse I realize that we as a species are just completely doomed. There is nothing we can do about it. Last fall, Kevin Kelly mentioned on this blog that Collapse is the scariest film of the year. True, but it's also one of the most depressing films of all time.

Viewing this triple feature has reminded me why documentary film isn't very popular with the masses. Nobody wants to be reminded of how terrible the world is, even with a topic that affects them. And if the foreboding statements made in Smith's film are even remotely true, I guess it doesn't matter. Let's just keep watching movies and TV shows that we can sort of escape through. We don't have much time left to enjoy ourselves, apparently.