I'll admit it -- I had my doubts about Sharktopus. Sure, Roger Corman is involved with it -- and all cult film lovers know Corman's legacy -- but it's also a SyFy channel movie, and we all know how those tend to turn out. That being said, after seeing the new trailer for the flick, I'm now fully onboard with this movie.

Eric Roberts plays a mad scientist who creates the Sharktopus -- a shark/octopus hybrid, in case the name didn't give it away -- for the Navy. The purpose of this awesome weapon of evolutionary destruction? Why, to battle Somali pirates of course! Unfortunately, the beast's electronic control system malfunctions and he heads for the Mexican coast -- where he finds lots snacks along the beaches.

The trailer, which is courtesy of our pals at Twitch, shows off a lot of the monster (maybe too much...), but it's gory, it features Eric Roberts hamming it up, and it has a really catchy theme song. What more can you ask for?

I haven't been able to track down the debut air date yet (I don't believe it's been officially revealed), but enjoy the trailer in the interim. After you're done there, hit the comment section to share your own riff on the sure to be popular "jumped the sharktopus" catch phrase.
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