Earlier this week, Moviefone reported on Paramount Studios picking up a new pitch that would re-vamp the classic 'Hunchback of Notre Dame ' into an action-adventure blockbuster in the style of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series. The unique approach to the legendary Quasimodo came from rookie screenwriters Willie Block and Jake Emanuel (left, right). It's an interesting experience for me because I happen to know Willie and Jake; I've been friends with them for six years.

In addition to their film school education, they joke that they taught themselves to write by "writing a couple crappy horror films" and watching a variety of movies into all hours of the night (I can confirm that part). They've been writing in Los Angeles for about two and a half years, first gaining attention for their comedy spec script 'F*** You, I Win.' The 'Hunchback' plot is being kept top-secret, but the news prompted an immediate response the from the Internet community. Cinematical expressed "difficulty" getting behind the action approach, while other sites -- and commenters -- went farther, attacking Block and Emanuel for even coming up with the idea.

The duo took a break from developing the 'Hunchback' script to talk to me about the experience of debuting with a script that's already been criticized -- sight unseen -- by some fans and how they are "not too different" from the passionate fan community.
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