Now that the buzz is already a-perocolating for The Social Network, West Wing creator and screenwriting "It" guy Aaron Sorkin's first collaboration with Zodiac and Alien 3 director David Fincher, both parties pretty much have everyone's attention. Oscar buzz is already in the air, rumors about a 190 minute-long runtime are circulating and talk about just how good Sorkin's script is is spreading like some kind of crazy viral internet campaign except in real-life instead of on the intertubes.

So it's not surprising that Sorkin's next move has become big news just after the new, full-length trailer for The Social Network has hit. According to Deadline Hollywood, Sorkin has just optioned The Politician, former aide to ex-senator John Edwards. In case political scandals aren't your thing or you've just lost track of Edwards after his bid for vice president in 2004, all I have to say is: he had an affair. Yes, the clean-cut guy that everyone was convinced was a straight arrow politico (because that's how he sold himself) had an affair. Can you say: dun dun DUN!?

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