If I hadn't recalled giving my mailing address to one of the representatives for Overture/Hammer Films' Let Me In months ago, the above piece of mail yesterday probably would have been taken as a sign that I was supposed to go out and start killing demons disguised as people. How else is a bloody funnel inside an evidence bag inside a small box with a return address to P.O. Box 666 supposed to be taken? It's only logical.

Unless of course you're familiar with Let the Right One In and know that the funnel is a very integral tool used to keep your vampire idol sated. Kind of a cool beginning to their Let Me In viral campaign, no?

Their campaign isn't confined to sending bloggers ominous pieces of police evidence, either. Over at HelpMe.net you can now find a new set of Morse Code scratchings to decipher and a text entry box in which to enter your translation. If you're curious to see what it turns up, it's pretty easy to translate, but if you don't feel like cross matching symbols from Wikipedia, I've gone ahead and done the nerdy bit below.
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