Dreams and movies have gone hand and hand for as long as cinema has been around. Not only does a dream in a movie bring out comedy, horror, and sometimes unlock the key to something a character has been searching for, it also gives the director a chance to step outside of the box and create an alternate world for the characters to play in briefly.

Christopher Nolan takes that sentiment and expands it into one of the most elaborate dreamscapes ever put on film with 'Inception.' In the film, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, a professional thief whose talents involve delving deep into a person's mind to extract valuable secrets while he or she is in a dream state.

So that got us thinking about our favorite dream sequences in movie history. From Hitchcock to Gondry, some of the most creative minds in the business have leaped into dreams to have a little fun. Here are 10 that we feel are in a class by themselves.