Ryan Reynolds in 'The Green Lantern'I'm not a soap opera fan, but there is one exception to that rule. Though the original was before my time, I loved the nineties remake so much that I named my birds Barnabas and Victoria. It's dark, it's supernatural, it features a 200-year-old vampire and Johnny Depp will be playing him. I'll let you know all the details. (Source: Deadline)

Well, they've released the first photos of Ryan Reynolds as 'The Green Lantern.' Yup. Now, I'm a comic book fan, and I love the green guy. I'll even admit to having a green plastic power ring. But ... I'll let you know my thoughts. After you watch, vote in the poll below the video. I'd love to know how you feel about his get up. (Source: EW) Check out the video after the jump.