Ghost Rider
, the 2007 Nic Cage vehicle based on a Marvel comic book, wasn't exactly a hit with moviegoers. That hasn't stopped Cage from talking incessantly about a follow-up for the past few years -- and it looks as though the actor is finally delivering the sequel he's threatened us with for ages. Cage told Craig Ferguson on The Late, Late Show that's he's officially signed on to reprise the role of Johnny Blaze, the motorcyclist who sells his soul to the devil so his father can be cured of cancer.

The Ghost Rider comic has always been something of a cult favorite -- no doubt because the image of a vigilante biker adorned in chains with a giant flaming skull for a head is pretty striking. The translation to film didn't work out particularly well, but maybe a second effort will fix some of the problems. Cage says Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (the guys who brought you the stupidly entertaining Jason Statham flick Crank) will be directing, and the film will apparently be based on a script by David Goyer. That's a pretty impressive line-up of talent. Goyer was majorly involved with the scripting of The Dark Knight, so it seems clear that he gets comic films and Neveldine and Taylor know how to make fun movies.

Still, it's going to be a tough sell after that first Ghost Rider -- a film that wasn't much fun at all, way too long, and featured Cage in another questionable performance. Are you in or did the first one ruin the character for you?