Kuffs isn't the greatest movie out there. It's one of those eh, 50-50 type flicks that has been forgotten by anyone who wasn't a rabid Christian Slater fan in the early '90s. (Yes, I was.) But even after I wipe away the sheen of nostalgia and admit that as much as I loved the film as a teen, it's not all that great, it still holds one of my favorite cinematic rants.

Tony Goldwyn, hot off his creepy turn in Ghost, plays Ted Bukovsky, a poor sap partnered with Slater's George Kuffs. The latter is obsessed with catching his brother's killer, and when he sees the creep drive by, George whips the car around, narrowly avoiding a bus. This sends Ted into an f-bomb raving ball of fury. The first time I saw it, in my friend's dark bedroom one night, we woke her mother up with our shrieking laughter. (All it takes in youth are a few bleeped f-bombs to make a good time.)

However, a good 18 years later, the scene still makes me laugh, especially when Ted's anger reaches its peak, his head flying to and fro as he imagines the early death he narrowly missed. I could watch Goldwyn rant for hours and hours, and if someone teamed him up with Lewis Black for some ranting, their flabbergasted tongues of fury would know no bounds.

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