Three years ago, former Hollywood heavyweight Ben Affleck was close to becoming an industry punchline after high-profile critical flops like 'Gigli,''Jersey Girl' and 'Daredevil.' Then came 'Gone Baby Gone,' his acclaimed directorial debut and perhaps his most personal film to date: set in the streets of his hometown Boston, 'Gone Baby Gone' starred Affleck's brother Casey alongside Amy Ryan, who, under Affleck's surprisingly deft touch, received Best Supporting Actress nominations from the Oscars, the Golden Globes and the Screen Actor's Guild.

Now Affleck is back behind the camera for his second film and this time he's looking to launch another actor to critical heights: himself.

Yes, Warner Bros. has released the first trailer from Affleck's new feature, 'The Town,' and it looks like a keeper. Set once again in and around Boston, 'The Town,' which is based on a novel by Chuck Hogan, features Affleck as a thief who may or may not be trying to turn his life around after he becomes romantically involved with Rebecca Hall's bank teller. One complicating factor: she's not aware that Affleck is the robber who recently took her hostage during a heist.
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