Starting today is the second annual SnagFilms SummerFest, an online film program that premieres new documentaries prior to their theatrical or television release, one per week through Labor Day, which you can watch streaming on the web for free via SnagFilms, AOL, Hulu and FanCast. First up is Franny Armstrong's The Age of Stupid, a sci-fi drama-animation-doc hybrid starring Pete Postlethwaite (who you can also see this weekend in Inception and the new trailer for The Town) as an old man looking back on history from the year 2055, reflecting on how the world was ruined by climate change and man's failure to stop it. I'm especially excited for this since it sounds a lot like Into Eternity, the doc I reviewed at Tribeca and won't shut up about.

That film will be available for the next two weeks, and five other docs will be made available in similar fashion on a weekly basis. Next Friday they'll start showing Shooting Robert King, followed by Disco and Atomic War, the brilliant and astonishing Videocracy, the inspiring A Fighting Chance, about a disabled man interested in being a mixed-martial arts fighter, and the music doc The Socalled Movie. Sure, you could go see some mindless summer blockbusters at the multiplex and spend a lot of dough on tickets and popcorn, or you can check out these thought-provoking and entertaining non-fiction films for no-cost. You can even bring your laptop out to the poolside if you don't want to be cooped up inside (isn't wi-fi great in the summertime?).

Get the second half of the season started now by checking out a preview of The Age of Stupid after the jump.