Now that you've seen the terrific first full trailer for The Social Network, it's time to check out the teaser for the sequel. Or is it a prequel? The Other Social Network is just like the David Fincher-directed movie about the founding of Facebook except that it's about the founding of MySpace. It covers the origins with Tom Anderson, friend to all, and the acquisition by Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. Plus, it goes so far as to show what MySpace has become in the era of Facebook dominance: a social media outlet for sluts, idiots, spambots and nu metal bands.

Not that funny, right? But the parody trailer, which comes to us via Best Week Ever, is not unfunny because of the jokes made in the video. It's unfunny because it's all too true. If Facebook hadn't taken over in popularity, we would be seeing real trailers for the MySpace movie instead. I actually thought there was indeed some development on such a film a few years back before The Social Network was greenlit. Did I imagine it? Am I thinking of something else (no, not Faintheart)? There was also, long long ago, a Friendster movie, though it wasn't so much about the site's origins as it was basically a big ad for its match-making potential. It also went so far as to have a director (Ivan Reitman) and star (Topher Grace) attached. It could have still been huge in the Philippines had it gone forward.

Back when The Social Network was announced, I expected another site to replace Facebook and the film would then die or ultimately be dated by the time it showed up in theaters. Yet Facebook is even bigger now I think than when the film was greenlit. So the movie is going to be huge. Check out what we could have had instead after the jump.