At last, America, our long national nightmare is finally over. No, we're not talking about that little BP oil spill; that's yesterday's news. No, we're talking about something much bigger: the 'Arrested Development' movie is finally happening.

Yes, it's true: According to GQ, both star Will Arnett and Mitch Hurwitz, creator of the beloved cult Fox sitcom, have verified that their highly anticipated film adaptation is finally in the works after years of rumors. Of course, there are still some details to be worked out, such as trying to co-ordinate the filming around the schedules of a dozen in-demand stars like Jason Bateman and David Cross, but considering the trials and tribulations the film has faced to get to this point over the last four years, that's barely a minor hurdle.

So what do we know about the movie? Well, not much, other than these two vital facts: everyone from the original series, which went off the air in 2006 after four critically acclaimed seasons, has agreed to return for the movie and with that in mind, Hurwitz has already begun working on the script. Just what will be in the story, of course, remains to be seen, as the long development period for the film has necessitated some major changes.
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