Will Smith is a busy man -- a perusal of his current list of "in development" projects lists no less than 30(!) titles the actor is involved with, and that's not even counting things like Men in Black III. However, the actor apparently found a few weeks in the next few years that weren't full in his day planner and decided he needed to remedy that situation as soon as possible.

Deadline New York has the details on the performer's latest project -- a movie entitled The Legend of Cain. This Biblical tale with a twist would find Smith both producing and starring as Cain -- "the original bad boy." Of course, since this is Hollywood in 2010, don't go in expecting something like The Ten Commandments ... no, instead it's a retelling of the classic Bible story with -- wait for it -- vampires!

Smith's going to produce the flick with Overbrook Entertainment based off a script by Caleeb Pinkett and Dan Knauf. If you figured out that Caleeb is Jada Pinkett-Smith's younger brother and that it might have helped this deal along, you too can be a Hollywood insider. No studio or director has been picked yet for the film, but Overbrook is currently coming off the success of The Karate Kid (starring Smith's son) which has grossed over $200 million worldwide to date.

Usually I ask some sort of question here in hopes that you'll head to the comments section and discuss. Clearly, though, Biblical vampires needs no question -- so I'll just step aside here and say, "See you in the comments section."