Comic Book Resources has an exclusive second clip for the eighth, PG-13-rated, direct-to-DVD film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line released by Warner Premiere and Warner Bros. Animation, Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Based on Judd Winnick's controversial "Under the Hood" story arc published in DC's Batman comic from February 2005 through April 2006. Winnick also wrote the comic book-to-small-screen adaptation. Batman: Under the Red Hood is also based on writer Jim Starlin and artist Jim Aparo's "A Death in the Family" story arc that ran from 1988 through 1989 in Batman (issues 426-429). If you're familiar with one or both story arcs, then you know where Batman: Under the Red Hood will go, but if you're not, it's best to be leave the description as spoiler free as possible.