Film 4 FrightFest is regularly heralded as the UK's "biggest and best genre film festival" and I'm inclined to agree. Every year, the fest scores so many great films and appearances that I think to myself "self, you really should just move to the UK so you can go to this thing." I never do, but I write enough about it that it often feels like I was there -- in spirit if nothing else.

The folks behind the event wanted to bring more of the FrightFest experience to those of us who can't make it to each year's celebration of horror, and they've started to realize that dream with the first issue of the FrightFest E-Zine. I have not had an opportunity to peruse the entire issue -- because it's 68 pages of an online magazine that looks almost on par with print ones like Fangoria. I will say this, though -- what I've read so far has impressed me greatly. This is a horror mag for the serious horror fan and if this debut is a sign of what's to come, we're all in for a treat.

Issue #1 is the first of six scheduled to appear over the course of the next year. It features reviews, articles, an Eli Roth interview (by genre journalist Alan Jones), a chat with the director of A Serbian Film, and more. This isn't just some slickly-produced commercial for the festival -- it's a real horror magazine.

The best part of all this? It's absolutely free. That's right, you can read the whole issue just by signing up here and downloading it. So, look out Fango and Rue Morgue -- there's a new horror magazine on the block. If this is just a first issue, imagine how good this could be moving ahead.
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