Taking a cue from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, IDW is set to kick off a new series that injects a bit of horror into classic tales. Rather than just inserting a clutch of flesh-eaters into a popular story, they're challenging masters of the art to come up with ways to introduce new fiendish elements into existing settings. We've given Joe R Lansdale a lot of love around here lately - well, mostly me - so why stop now? The first entry in the series, Dread Island, is penned by Lansdale and has Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn taking on Lovecraftian horrors. Yeah, I'm sold. Strangely, these books will be prose rather than comics, which is what IDW is known for. Still, for you fans of the 4-color medium, Lansdale insists that at least his will have that comic book vibe.

No word yet on what the rest of the series will entail. The possibilities are nearly endless. While this trend may be close to running its course (if it hasn't already), I'm still curious. What mash-ups would you foist upon the literary world? I'd like to see the Last of the Mohicans go up against a ravenous Sasquatch. Here's hoping the creators use this opportunity to go a little nuts.

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