So while it's not exactly new news that Amerindie director David Gordon Green has wanted to remake Dario Argento's Suspiria for years now, yesterday's news that Argento had given Green his blessing to the project came as a bit of a shock. True, Green did direct stoner comedy Pineapple Express but he's more well-known as the guy directed George Washington and All the Real Girls, not the guy that loves Tango & Cash or even the guy that loves a canonical psychedelic Italian sleazefest like Suspiria.

The two identities just seem completely and totally incompatible. Which is why it's ingenious and very exciting news.

In that vein, we here at Cinematical want to know: what other completely wild and crazy things should David Gordon Green remake? Or more accurately, what remake ideas are so crazy that you'd be onboard immediately? As always, if you choose "Other'" let us know why in the comments. Heck, let us know why in the comments even if you don't choose "Other."
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