The trailer for indie hopeful, Moon Buddy, reminds me of one of the strangest toys I've ever owned. It was a life-sized, stuffed banana with felt features resembling a face -- but closer to a plushy maw with two beady semi-ocular shapes. There was no real indication that the phallic shaped toy was actually a banana -- it wasn't designed with any reference to a peel and it didn't have the cutesy feeling you would think a fruit shaped toy would have. Obviously this thing was not like the Fruit of the Loom people. Moon Buddy, however, totally trumps my penile banana blob toy -- it terrorizes young children, gets stabby with a butcher knife, and harnesses the powers of Satan, all in a one minute clip!

Apparently the story behind Moon Buddy goes a little something like this: dad goes out of town and buys a "goodbye" present for his children. But it turns out this toy shares traits with the Chucky Good Guy doll and may be possessed by an evil spirit -- or actually be Satan himself. They say that yellow symbolizes insanity, and obviously this is no exception.

Moon Buddy was conceived by the terrifying awesome mind of Samuel Eidson -- part of the War Room Collective, the Old Murder House Theatre, and country comedy music group The Hard Gravel. Judging from the trailer (which you can check out after the jump) Eidson's talents seem to provide more than enough ammo for a wicked little feature. All hail the great Moon Buddy -- feed him your green cheese! That means fork over your money, friend, so we can see this one on the big screen. Expect more nightmarish clips in the near future.
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