As someone who likes both Wes Anderson's films and videogames in general, this new trailer from GamerVision is basically the coolest thing I've seen all week. If you love movies like The Royal Tennenbaums and games like Sony's God of War, I'm willing to bet you're going to feel the same way I do.

This new trailer for a fictional film entitled God of War merges the aesthetics of Anderson's cinema with the storyline of the mega-popular videogame franchise. Unlike so many parody trailers online, this one is not only good, it nails the tone of Anderson's films almost perfectly.

Directed by Nick Murphy, God of War moves Kratos and the gods from the time of the games to modern day America. Kratos, wearing a warm-up suit jacket and sporting his "blades of chaos" -- two badminton rackets tied to chains -- has just transferred to a new school. Here, he falls in love with Athena and discovers that her father is the same guy (Zeus) who abandoned him years before. Family drama, blossoming romance, and plucking the eyeball out of a cyclops all collide in the rest of the clip.