If you haven't by now seen director Breck Eisner's superb remake of The Crazies or Sahara before that, you probably don't know why the guy is a real talent and someone to keep an eye on. Neither film made major bank but both of them are razor-sharp meat-and-potatoes films that are lightyears ahead of most any other comparable American genre films. News of the next Eisner-helmed project should be met with much anticipation. Accordingly, Airlock Alpha's recent item on Eisner's next project is very exciting indeed.

Eisner has confirmed that he is now working on a new Flash Gordon movie, one that is obliged not to have anything to do with Mike Hodges' adaptation from 1980. Eisner had talked about the project before but now it looks like he's moving ahead with it. Check out highlights of Airlock Alpha's piece after the jump.

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