I own an obscene number of videogames (for real -- nearly 800 at last count), and I'm what you'd call a "collector" -- I have lots of games still in shrinkwrap. Yet, despite my tendency for collecting games, I almost never buy the limited special edition releases. Unlike DVDs -- which offer up special editions with useful things I'd love to see -- games still haven't really figured out the way these things are supposed to work. No offense to anyone who makes games, but watching a documentary with a bunch of programmers talking about the development cycle is about as awful as watching soccer.

Capcom's set to take another stab at the whole special edition game release thing with the newly announced Dead Rising 2: Zombrex Edition. If you're willing to plunk down $80 and live in North America, you'll get not only the most anticipated zombie game of 2010, but you'll also get it in a steel case (in case there's a zombie outbreak and you need to bludgeon someone?), with a syringe pen, prescription notepad, the Zombrex live action movie and making of, prospectus, safety card, and a 48 page hardbound artbook.

Of all that, the artbook is the only thing that really intrigues me -- I'm a sucker for game art books. Of course, I'm not willing to pay an extra $20 for one. The rest of this stuff? Kinda cool for a few minutes and then it all goes back in the case never to be looked at again. It won't be "rare" or "a good investment for the future" because none of these "special" editions are ever all that limited.

Anyway, if you want pick up the Zombrex Edition, it'll be available on September 28th -- same day as the regular version of Dead Rising 2.
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