Career Watch is a regular column by veteran film reporter and Moviefone guest blogger Anne Thompson looking at the career of a major Hollywood star, analyzing the moves they've made thus far and offering career advice on where they could or should head from here. This week: Nicolas Cage.

Bottom Line: A solid marquee draw in the right project, cash-strapped Nic Cage, 46, is taking on too many roles, increasing the odds that he'll pick weak vehicles and make audiences forget what a daring and gifted actor he is. After 60 movies, he's starting to repeat himself.

Signature line: "Put the bunny back in the box," -- 'Con Air.'

Latest Misfire: Cage came up with the idea of playing a magician in a live-action movie inspired by 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' sequence in 'Fantasia.' The actor gives a solid performance in the $150-million movie developed, produced and directed by the team that delivered the goods in 2004's PG franchise 'National Treasure' and its 2007 sequel, 'Book of Secrets.'
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