On July 23, 2007, Erik shared some news: Tom Cruise was circling a project called Edwin A. Salt, about a CIA officer on a mission to prove his innocence after accusations that he's a Russian sleeper spy. But soon the tides turned. Cruise left and Angelina Jolie took his place. Yes, Edwin A. Salt became Evelyn Salt, and Ms. Jolie joined an action film that would not only be marketed on the sheer power of her name -- a rare thing for the women of Hollywood -- but would also pay her $20 million plus a slew of ancillary benefits.

Her big-screen butt-kicking finally hits theaters this week, and The Hollywood Reporter says she's jolting the "man's world" of action films. In fact, they equate this cinematic sex change with the "groundbreaking" decision to adapt one of the white leads in Beverly Hills Cop so that it could star a fresh-faced Eddie Murphy. So what makes Salt different than her many other films and the women who came before her, and what does it mean for action women on the whole?
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