Welcome to this week's Horror Squad Movie Club discussion post. Hopefully everyone got to spend time with David Cronenberg's The Dead Zone over the weekend and is now ready to talk about it in depth. Naturally, there could be some spoilers here -- so if you didn't get a chance to check it out, go do that and come back once you're done. We'll still be here, I promise.

As I mentioned on Friday, Cronenberg's adaptation of The Dead Zone is my favorite film based on a King novel outside of Kubrick'sThe Shining. It hasn't aged as well as Kubrick's film -- which benefits greatly from its limited setting -- but it does feature a fantastic performance from Christopher Walken that may not be as gleefully unrestrained as Nicholson's, but is still quite powerful.

The Dead Zone has some uncharacteristically melodramatic moments considering it's a Cronenberg film (which are usually marked by a sense of almost clinical detachment), but it's hard to blame any of that on the director since a lot of that same melodrama is present in King's book. And while it doesn't have anyone developing videotape-hungry stomach slits, it still covers some distinctly Cronenbergian ground.