The last thing you expect when you go to see a summer blockbuster these days is to be asked to actually think. But that's just what director Christopher Nolan is demanding of audiences with his latest mind-bending tour-de-force, 'Inception,' which blew away the competition on its way to a $60 million haul over the past weekend. Audiences, it seems, actually like to be challenged once in awhile. For most people exiting 'Inception,' though, there's still one lingering question waiting to be answered:

What just happened?

If you left the theater scratching your head over what you just saw, don't worry, you're not alone: The meaning of 'Inception' is already a topic of fierce debate around office watercoolers, in barbershops and across the Internet. Even New York (the magazine, not the city) is trying to figure out what 'Inception's' convoluted dream-within-a-dream-ad-infinitum storyline is trying to say.
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