It may have opened with less than half the gross of The Dark Knight, but Christopher Nolan's follow-up, Inception, is currently thought of as the better film. Maybe not with critics -- over at Rotten Tomatoes the Batman movie still has the better review percentage -- but at least with fans who've graded the film on IMDb. In fact, according to that site's rating systemInception is currently the third greatest movie of all time, only bested by constant champs The Shawshank Redemptionand The Godfather. That means its considered by some to be better than The Godfather Part II, The Empire Strikes Back, Schindler's List and fellow current film Toy Story 3, which is rated 8th best film of all time. Meanwhile, The Dark Knight is #12.

Of course, at the time of this writing, only about 30,000 people have voted on the Inception page, and of course two years ago The Dark Knight had quickly shot up to the #1 slot when it still had less than 50,000 votes (now the number is almost 450,000) before the less-impressed moviegoers chimed in. So it's very likely Inception won't remain so high when the number of votes gets into the six-digit range, though I doubt it'll fall too far. People are really liking the mix of smart writing and incredible special effects. Where do you think it should really fall on the above chart, though? Do you really think it's one of the top three, or five, or even top ten movie of all time?
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