For the life of me, I don't understand 'Inception.'

Okay, look: I mean, I get 'Inception,' as far as the movie's plot is concerned. I just don't understand the hype that surrounds it -- good and bad. Let me be perfectly clear: I liked 'Inception.' And I understand its appeal as a good movie. My point in writing this is not to be a part of "The Backlash!". (I'll address that, too.) Having said that: I also think that 'Inception' is the most overrated film of the last year. (Warning, some spoilers.)

"Blasphemy! How dare you call The Greatest Film Of Our Time 'overrated'?" Yeah, yeah, I get it. And that's the point. I mean, 'Inception' is entertaining, but what's really that great about it? I see "mind-blowing" being thrown around in every nook of the Internet when discussing 'Inception.' Mind-blowing? Did we see the same movie? I feel like "mind-blowing" should be reserved for films like 'Synecdoche, New York' -- a movie that I couldn't stop thinking about for three weeks after seeing it. "Mind-blowing" should be reserved for movies that don't explain every last detail to the point where there's really nothing to analyze. I feel there's a little too much of that snooty, "if you really pay attention, you may be able to follow the story" talk going on here. Oh puh-leeze ...
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