Doctor Who
is one of those shows I wish I actually watched. Oh, I love the very particular, intelligent-yet-irreverent brand of sci-fi it has been cultivating for decades. It's just gotten to the point where the show has been on for so long and I've missed so much of it that I don't know where to dive in. Do I start with the series' original run from the '70s? Or should I jump in at BBC's 2005 rebirth of the series, when Christopher Eccleston took over as the time-traveling Doctor?

My highly pressing dilemma aside, there's a rumor going around that new Doctor Matt Smith is already searching for the exit. The rumor began in The Sun, a British newspaper-turned-tabloid, so it should be taken with a grain of salt, but the source has had a solid line on Doctor Who rumors in the past (they correctly announced Eccleston's departure before the BBC did). It also doesn't hurt the paper's credibility that, when asked for comment on the matter, the BBC was more than a little vague, "Matt is filming the Christmas special and then goes on to film the second series. Beyond that, the BBC and Matt won't speculate on things."

Why is Smith reportedly ready to abandon the show and rabid fan base that so readily accepted him? To go off and be in Hollywood features, of course. Seeing as I'm not actually up to speed on Doctor Who, I'm out of the loop on whether fans love him or not, but from what I gather he took quite nicely to the role, no? I'm sure there are plenty of fans who'd rather not see him go after just two seasons and a Christmas Special.
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