Will Smith to play Biblical vampireHow do you recreate the tragically talented Janis Joplin on the big screen? If you do it right, it's an Oscar waiting to happen. It looks like we may be seeing an attempt pretty soon. But the person who's been cast is as far from the drugged out-genius as a puppy from a dragon. Sure, she's played a dark character before, but this may be more of a stretch than she can handle. I'll let you know who will be donning the love beads. (Source: FearNet, Deadline)

I love vampires. Who doesn't? But does anyone else think they're a bit played out at this point? Well, Will Smith will be starring in a bloodsucker flick with a new twist: The Bible. Um, I believe the correct term for this is 'jumping the shark.' I'll give you all the details. (Source: Deadline) And, of course, I'll give you this weekend's box office results. Check out the video after the jump.