Flash GordonWe've already mentioned the new Flash Gordon movie that's coming out with Sam Worthington as a possible contender for the lead role. Director Breck Eisner mentions two interesting things in an interview on Blastr.com. First, he wants the new movie to be a franchise (which is understandable) and second, he won't be able to use any material from the 1980's Flash Gordon movie, meaning that nobody will be singing "Flash...ahaa! Savior of the Universe!"

Thankfully, Eisner agrees with most of the Western world when he said that the recent Syfy television version of the series was "total crap." I'm hoping he does the movie in a style similar to Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow using that computer-generated retro science fiction look. It would be totally appropriate for Flash Gordon and would distinguish it from the 80's movie.

But if they could somehow get Max Von Sydow to play Ming the Merciless again, that would totally rock.

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