Earlier this month, Erik Davis reported that the Batmobile had been seen in downtown Manhattan. Those who saw it on the street probably thought Christian Bale was inside, but it turned out to be an extravagant purchase on the set of Russell Brand'sArthur remake. If anyone had any doubts the Batmobile would actually appear in the film, toss them out now, because photos have emerged of Brand in the Batsuit. Even better, Brand's Batvision is secure enough in its rubber codpiece to include Batman's trusty sidekick, Robin. Don't mess with Luis Guzman. Even in Robin underoos, he looks fierce enough to kick ass.

No one is sure just what Arthur is doing dressing up as Batman -- or why Guzman is still an uncredited member of the production as per IMDB -- but I imagine this is what 21st century playboys do. Dudley Moore drank champagne in a bathtub while wearing a top hat; Brand wears a Batsuit. Makes sense. I would hope a playboy would have the discretion not to choose the Batsuit with the nipples, but Brand probably insisted purely so he could make plenty of jokes on the press junkets.

The photos came from Zimbio by way of Latino Review, and from Starcasm. There are a ton more, including one of Brand's rubberclad butt that would probably make Joel Schumacher blush with shame.

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