Barring the very first glimpse of Chris Hemsworth as the Thunder God, people don't seem to be digging the costumes, set design, or general aesthetic of Thor. Cries of doom are sounding as if it's Ragnarok. I'm not willing to join in just yet. Movie stills are an incredibly hard thing to judge -- nothing is in motion, the lighting might be off, it's one frame of time in one big film -- and I remember how snarky most people were about Christopher Nolan's Bat and Joker designs and the initial unfinished Iron Man effects. Those turned out fine.

This new photo of Asgard's throne room comes from The LA Times' print edition and Latino Review superscanned the photo to get a big version of Loki, so we could all admire the care that went into recreating his horned helmet. Pretty wicked. (I mean that in the "it looks evil!" sense, not the surfer Bill and Ted sense, though you could take it that way if you like.)

One of my biggest misgivings about Thor was always his general look. It's why I never dug the comics or the character that much. I was concerned it wouldn't translate. However, I'm not hating the design. It's clear they went in a decidedly alien fashion (the Asgardians are supposed to be "alien", this erasing any uncomfortable Nordic association) over Norse/Viking and I'm curious to see more before I give it a thumbs down. Plus, I do like red capes.

This upcoming weekend's Marvel will be the moment that makes or breaks the buzz, I suppose. Are you ready to judge by Odin's beard?

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