We put a call out over our Twitter feed last night (@cinematical) asking readers to let us know what they thought of Inception in 140 characters, and whether or not it lived up to the hype. Here's what they had to say:

"Inception is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Christopher Nolan is the Kubrick of our generation." -- twoscoops26

"Fantastic summer film. Luxurious, expensive and smart entertainment. Loved the efficient heist plot and the deft storytelling." -- scott_eff

"Loved it! It completely lived up to the hype and I plan on seeing it at least one more time." -- genjadeshade

"Not as emotionally engaging or as inventive as it should've been, but remarkably well-structured heist film. Fun, too." -- BJackCity

"Great! Lived up to the hype, and further cemented Christopher Nolan as one of the best directors in Hollywood right now." -- DontCallMyGaga

"One word:awesome. But demands a second viewing to be sure to caught everything. And to just go on the ride again!" -- ReelTalker

"Thought Inception was terrific. Three levels of suspense with a smart story that can keep the audience in the loop." -- TrailerAddict

"Really enjoyed Inception. Wasn't on my list to see until my daughter wanted to go. Worth a second viewing." -- LareenStrong

"Loved it. Wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but certainly thought-provoking and entertaining." -- DoctorSubmarine

"So much garbage out there, when original solid flick is released it's overpraised by masses. Inception=Good, but lil overhyped." -- machand

What do you think? Was Inception overhyped? Do we often wind up praising originality a little too much because we're so used to watching films based on comics, books, graphic novels, toys, board games and other, older movies? Or is Inception definitely worth every penny of hype?
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