This is by far the cutest thing I've seen since the "Iron Baby" short. The people at have done a clever spoof of box office champ Inceptionthat mashes up the film with the children's program Dora the Explorer. Titled Incepción. I don't have kids and therefore am not very familiar with the Dora show, but I still get the concept here. Plus I'm at least amused by the idea of Inception being remade as a puzzling learning tool for preschoolers.

A number of elements from Christopher Nolan's film are represented here, most of them miniaturized or kid-ified, such as Cobb's top and the hallway scene, which now stars Boots the Monkey and Dora's backpack. In that way, this trailer parody is also similar to the "Iron Baby" spot (recall the child-size car collection). It also teaches your toddler how to say dreams in Spanish ("sueños) and how to impersonate a Hans Zimmer score: "Burrrrrrrrrrrrr." Adorable, right?

Watch the fake trailer after the jump.