The Legend of Cain just sounds like the kind of script idea that you'd hear being pitched in a comedy about how Hollywood is always falling for goofy twists on old stories; like how Rob Lowe's character in Thank You For Smoking will only green light Aaron Eckhart's otherwise-normal movie idea if it's set in space. It's not hard to imagine that screenwriters Caleeb Pinkett and Dan Knauf were shopping a re-telling of the Biblical legend of Cain and Abel (which is about Cain eventually murdering his brother, Abel, as a sacrifice to God) to producers without attracting much interest. So one day, just for laughs, one of them, having spent the night playing Vampire: The Masquerade, tells a producer, "Okay, well...what if Cain is a vampire?" The producer, of course, goes crazy for it.

I'm sure that's not actually how the genesis of Pinket and Knauf's The Legend of Cain came to be - they probably imagined it as a vampire version of the story from the beginning - I just find the alternative a far more amusing prospect because, ultimately, I hope the whole vampire twist is really just a joke on Hollywood.

Now Deadline doesn't tell us if The Legend of Cain takes place in modern times or if it's a period piece, but it does tell us that Will Smith is attached to not only produce, but star in the film. It looks like he, wife Jada Pinkett Smith, James Lassiter and Ken Stovitz are teaming up with Overbrook Entertainment to get this film off the ground using the boatload of cash their previous production, The Karate Kid, raked in world wide. No production time frame, director or additional stars are currently attached, so it may be a while before this materializes as a full-blooded film, but we'll be keeping our eye out in the interim.
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