"It's a dream, Alex. You can do anything you want in here. Haven't you figured that out yet?"

Those words may be remembered by those alive in 1984 watching television. It was the hook line for the second PG-13 film to be released that summer (after Red Dawn.) After all the controversy generated by families horrified over the violence in Spielberg's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the MPAA must have felt obligated when they saw the next film to feature both a man getting his heart ripped out - and - Kate Capshaw.

In light of all the talk this week about dreams manufactured by Christopher Nolan's end-all, be-all masterpiece on the subject, Inception, we thought its time to give the kids another option. Dreamscapeactually wasn't the only out-of-control excursion into sleep that year. Others might be quick to point out that Wes Craven's original A Nightmare On Elm Street also invaded theaters, 26 years before the folks at Platinum Dunes would destroy it. The more family-friendly PG-13 Dreamscape with its scenes of point blank assassinations, infidelity, child endangerment, nuclear annhiliation and heart extractions actually arrived on the scene three months prior to Freddy Krueger. And it had a more terrifying entity - David Patrick Kelly.

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