Sitting in the number eight position on imdb's Bottom 100, with more user votes than any other film in the final ten, sits the Texas-born oddity Manos: The Hands of Fate, a "thriller" about a vacationing family who run afoul of Manos-worshipping pagans. If you've been wondering if we'd ever get to return to the delightful universe of Manos and its infamous knock-kneed manservant Torgo, well, you're in luck! Manos: The Search for Valley Lodge is expected to shoot in 2011, according to Dread Central.

It's been a long time since the original film was dragged into the harsh light of day by the crew at Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (which they've cited as the Gold Standard for painfully unwatchable films), but it sounds like producer Rupert Munch Sr. is approaching this follow-up as legitimately as possible. The official synopsis from the website dishes out the plot, "a woman battling mental illness regains her memory and heads into the deserts of El Paso, Texas to confront her inner demons and discover her mysterious past. (Supernatural Thriller... or is it?)" The film stars some of the original cast, as well as former WWE Superstar Gene Snitsky (whose gimmick during his time on WWE Raw was as a foot fetishist who killed babies. I'm not kidding. It was awesome.)

Manos: The Search for Valley Lodge is slated for a 2013 release, which will give you plenty of time to watch the original and get all stupidly hyped up and frothing for the sequel. I smell an Oscar for Snitsky (finally).

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