Bill MurrayActors aren't perfect. Sometimes they make a mistake and end up in terrible movies. Sometimes they're the reason for terrible movies. However, if you look through the CV of Bill Murray, master of deadpan and one of the greatest comic actors of all time, you will notice that not only does he choose his movie roles judiciously, but from Caddyshack to Zombieland he's starred in a long run of classic movies. There is however one exception: Garfield.

Why, fans have been asking for years, did Murray sign up to be the voice of a cat. Does he, like the tubby puss, have a thing for lasagna?

Finally, the mystery of why he was in such a deeply unfunny movie has been revealed. In an excellent interview for GQ, Murray reveals it was a case of mistaken identity. He did the movie because he confused Garfield writer Joel Cohen with Coen brother, Joel Coen, and assumed he'd be making the Barton Fink of animatronic children's movies.

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