Christopher Nolan is a man who loves puzzles. Take a look at Memento, Insomnia, The Prestige, and the recently released Inception if you need a little proof. In fact, the only time the filmmaker seems to step away from constructing cinematic brain-teasers is when he does a Batman film. There's no good reason why he can't marry these two interests with one single character -- The Riddler.

I think most fans assume that there's no way Nolan will be able to top The Dark Knight when he finally steps up to direct his third (and final?) Batman movie. There's been some pretty wild speculation and rumors about who the next villain or villains might be (there always is, with every Batman film since 1989), but the Riddler is the only member of Batman's rogue's gallery that would elevate the third Batman film into something truly remarkable. Nolan would get to make his usual, muscular Batman movie, but with all of the intricate, corkscrew twists and turns of his puzzle-box thrillers.
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